Austin Leal


This project is an app made to map tweets with drug references with the intention of showing real-time locations with high probability of drug overdoses so that antidotes could be distributed appropriately. Tweets were pulled using the search feature of the Twitter API using very generic terms like "drugs." Calls were made from within the Django web framework. These tweets were then narrowed to tweets that were actually about taking drugs rather than those about prescribing drugs etc. using a neural network via the SKLearn Python library. Mapping was done with the Google Heat Map API. The interface was designed using HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Skills Used: Python, HTML/CSS, SKLearn, Git

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This project was my semester-long project for my Objects and Design class (CS 2340) at Georgia Tech. I worked in a team of five to implement a set of guideline features based on weekly deadlines using the Agile development framework. The project allowed for a wide-range of implementations and UI/UX design philosophies and provided extra credit for any additional work or exceptional implementation.

Skills Used: Android, Java, XML, Git

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Untitled Ongoing Research Project

I modified the uncommented Bluez Bluetooth library for Linux as part of an ongoing research project in the Alternative Computing Technologies Lab under Dr. Hadi Esmaeilzadeh. The Bluez library was used to connect with an Arduino-based robot through Bluetooh Low Energy 4.1 to send it commands and receive a code back as a form of error checking. After completing the Bluetooth portion of the project over the summer, I have continued to work on other portions of the porject with the team of undergraduate and graduate students developing the larger project.

Skills Used: C, C++

Usage Logger

This project was started by Dilan Manatunga in 2014 as part of the High Performance Architecture Lab at Georgia Tech. The project was further developed by another undergraduate student afterwards. I took the outdated code and brought it up to date so it runs on the latest versions of Android. I removed some outdated features like sync, and I added new features such as dumping logs to an external file and selecting apps to be anonymized.

Skills Used: Android, Java, XML, Git

Compressed Radix Tree

This project was my final project for my Data Structures and Algorithms class (CS 1332) at Georgia Tech. This was an individual project with the goal of implementing a complex data structure of my own choosing. The project was comprised of selecting a structure, researching the structure to reach a level of understanding, designing your own implementation based on this understanding, fully implementing the design, and testing the design until all edge cases were sufficiently covered.

Skills Used: Java, JUnit

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